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Bitty Girl Twin Flannel Pajamas-Handmade

Here are handmade pajamas for your Bitty Twin Girl doll


Bitty Twin Girl Flannel PajamasThese handmade pajamas for Bitty Twin girl dolls are being modeled by my Bitty Twin girl doll, Jill. She is hoping I will switch this picture out soon because those PJs have sold!

This Bitty Twin flannel pajama set has a white knit fabric neckband, long sleeves and pants. The pants have elastic at the waist for easy on and off. I like using Velcro closure so little hands can easily dress their dolls--this even makes it easier for adults to dress the dolls when those little hands are being a tad stubborn and want to leave their dolls lying around undressed or just need some help.

Jill and her sisters, unlike Mikey and his brothers, are a little more patient when it comes to waiting for Santa. She is still very excited but the boys are driving her and the other girls crazy so she is always trying to find ways to get the boys' minds off what they want for Christmas. Maybe your Bitty Twin girl doll would like a set of bear-y cute PJs to put her in the holiday mood!

The bear print is no longer available. But I do have polar bears.

Usually I don't have anything made ahead (not much storage space) so please allow at least 3-4 weeks from the time you order till delivery is made--since I do craft shows, you never know when my sewn supply on hand will be sold and I will have to make yours from scratch.

If you have some fabric on hand or would like to purchase your own fabric for me to make up as Bitty Twins pajamas, that would be a really cute idea--several customers have already requested this. Does your little girl have PJs she's outgrown and you would like to have them made into PJs for her Bitty Twin or Bitty Baby? Please be sure that any clothing mailed to me is clean and freshly washed. (I am allergic to cats and smoke so I may have to rewash when I get it). Any scraps left will not be returned unless specified.

You may also be interested in the Bitty Boy Twin flannel pajamas. If you're ready to order the Bitty Girl Twin flannel pajamas, let's go!


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