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Flannel Pajamas Fit Bitty Boy Twin

Handmade flannel pajamas for your Bitty Twin doll or other 15 inch doll


Bitty Boy Flannel Pajamas-reindeer printThese warm flannel pajamas are hand made from a cute green reindeer plaid but I have other prints you can choose from. If your Bitty girl Twin likes reindeers, she can wear these too but my Bitty Twin boy, Mikey, wanted to be the model since his sister is modeling the Bitty Girl Twin flannel pajamas.

You can choose this print or others in the selector below and also add the teddy bear slippers if you would like those for $5. Mikey is not included.

This Bitty Twin flannel pajama set has a white neckband, long sleeves and pants. The pants have elastic at the waist for easy on and off. I use Velcro closure so that little hands and even Mom or Dad has an easier time dressing the dolls.  It's always good to have easy-to-dress items when it comes to doll clothes especially Bitty Twin doll clothes.

Mikey, as any little boy, is VERY anxiously waiting for Santa's arrival on Christmas! He starts talking about it in June and drives his sisters all crazy. He and his brothers are always thinking of plots to stay up and see Santa at midnight but they always fall asleep. These PJs will make your Bitty Twin feel very festive and anxious for the holiday season to arrive too.

Usually I don't have anything made ahead so please allow at least 3-4 weeks from the time you order till delivery is made--you never know when my sewn supply on hand will be sold and I will have to make yours from scratch. Normally it won't take that long but I like to avoid any and all disappointments. For this particular outfit, I do have some reindeer PJs made up as shown above.

If you have some fabric on hand or would like to purchase your own fabric for me to make up as Bitty Twins pajamas, that would be fine with me. Does your son have PJs he's outgrown and you would like to have them made into PJs for you or your daughter's Bitty Twin boy? (or your son's, I know of some little boys who have Bitty Twin Boys---I think it makes for being a good dad later in life to play dolls when they are little.) Please be sure that any clothing mailed to me is clean and freshly washed. Any scraps left will not be returned unless specified.

If you're ready to order your Bitty Twin boy flannel pajamas, let's go for it!


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Teddy Bear slippers, $5:

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