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Doll Clothes Closet

Doll Clothes for American Girl and Bitty Baby-Twin Dolls

For quality readymade doll clothes for American Girl and Bitty dolls, visit my site Doll Clothes Closet. While this may seem like a conflict of interests, this site and Kitt's actually go hand-in-hand. When you need something quickly, you can still shop with me by purchasing something readymade. My idea is to offer different items on Doll Clothes Closet, mostly those items that I simply do not have time to make. I love to sell doll clothes, no matter what kind. Don't worry, I wouldn't buy anything for reselling that I would not personally use for my own dolls. There is one checkout system for both Kitt's and Doll Clothes Closet now.

Dolly and Me Fashions

For matching outfits for your 18 inch doll and girl, this is the site I have with my friend Ruth. It's just getting started but we hope to soon have a small collection of cute outfits and costumes for your favorite girl and doll! Orders will be paid through Ruth's shopping cart.

Qflea Online Marketplace

The Q stands for quality because that is what my fellow vendors and I strive for. We are all small businesses and look forward to serving you soon!