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Frequently Asked Questions for Kitt's Kloset

Rather than format these as questions like you normally would see on a site, I'm grouping the information by subject.

Please read through and be familiar with these items as well as those on my policies page. You will be asked in the shopping cart to agree to terms and policies so it's nice to know what you are agreeing to!

Shipping and Handling

While I can only tell you that orders usually start at around $8.95 shipping/handling (everything is sent Priority Mail) I can't say for sure how much each item will take it up. Please keep in mind that if it is excessive, I will send you a partial PayPal or Google shipping/handling refund.

The cart is set up to charge by quantity but it doesn't realize when items are very lightweight. Items such as Holly's handmade American Girl jewelry are the only things that are mailed First Class since they are so light. Your total will be adjusted accordingly if you order jewelry. Please don't panic if the shipping/handling looks excessive if you order a lot of things. I will definitely refund since the charge takes place at the point of sale.

Handling is included in the price and is charged by every company that I know. It's simply a small way of offsetting the cost of doing business. By no means does it completely pay for all costs of doing business and it shouldn't but it helps a little.

If you don't feel comfortable using a credit card online

Go to my contact page. Send me a message that includes a phone number where I can reach you at that moment. The call from me will be coming from a 614 area code. I had to drop the toll-free number due to too much abuse by spammers.

It's very safe to order online from Kitt's Kloset

No information is stored on this site itself and my shopping cart has the most up to date protection and hacker safe technology you can get.

Sorry, there is no catalog

I get asked this all the time but I like to tell people that you can easily make your own catalog by printing out your favorite items and making a wish list or mini catalog that way. I am a small business and catalogs simply cost too much plus the nature of handmade items always changes so it wouldn't be practical anyway. Most everything is done online anymore and with the exception of big companies, catalogs aren't done by small biz.

Care of your handmade American Girl clothes

Most of what I make and sell can be gently hand washed in Woolite. I would recommend hanging somewhere to drip dry if washing is needed. I would not recommend washing anything made from satin as I cannot guarantee the results.

I hope I've addressed what most people have in mind when they visit an FAQ page but if I haven't, please feel free to email me using the email form. Thanks!