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Thirties Play Dress For American Girl-Handmade

This handmade American Girl dress by Holly is styled like a play dress from the thirties


American Girl Thirties Play DressNellie is modeling another of Holly's creations, a very sweet little pleated front play dress, just like your grandma probably wore in the thirties. It reminds me a lot of the dresses that a certain little dancing and singing girl star from the 30's wore. Nellie likes to watch those videos on TV and dress in her thirties dress while she watches. Right now she's in her kitchen going for a little snack while she has her DVD on pause.

This cute American Girl dress features short puff sleeves piped in a contrast color to whatever print will be used. There are two pleats in front with a tab going across them accented with matching or contrasting buttons. The collar is piped in a contrasting color and features appliqu├ęs or embroidered flowers. This dress will snap in the back or button which is what Holly likes to use for closures. It does help keep your doll's hair from tangling and is usually the method sought after by collectors. This dress is definitely of collector quality.

Holly's Nellie doll, the Scenes and Settings, shoes and tights are not included. But you can order a pair of white tights and some shoes below when you purchase your American Girl thirties play dress.

NOTE: I am not sure what fabric Holly has on hand as she also sells on eBay so please note that your dress could be a different print than pictured. I know she will probably try and go with a blue flower print of some sort but since we home seamstresses are not able to stock hundreds of yards of fabric in our homes, our resources are sometimes a little limited or we have to go shopping when an order comes in. Thanks for understanding that the print will not be exactly as pictured here.


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White tights, $3.00:
Black Dress Shoes $6:
White Dress Shoes $6:

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