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Trendy Zebra Print Pajamas for American Girl Doll-Handmade

Cool zebra print pajama pants and t-shirt for your American 18 inch girl doll

$14 (top and pants)

American Girl Zebra Print PJ sLaurie Suelyn is modeling a cool set of pajamas for your American Girl doll that have zebra print pants, a plain white t-shirt for the top and fuzzy white slippers. Laurie is also heading over to Nellie's house for a fun evening of watching DVDs and getting to hang out with her friends. Watch out, Laurie, don't let anyone get pizza on your PJ pants! My doll Laurie is not included but you can purchase the slippers when you buy this outfit.

I have plenty of the zebra print fabric on hand again. For this outfit, I use a purchased white t-shirt that closes in back with Velcro. Now I'm using a bright pink and ironing on a heart cut from the zebra fabric. Or I can make a black t-shirt. You can choose colors below.

You can choose to purchase a pair of white fuzzy slippers if you want or even a pair of white socks. The slippers actually go onto the doll's foot and fit well, they are not slip-on or mule style. This kind of slipper is my personal favorite because they don't fall off your doll's foot while you're carrying her around or moving her to a new display area--or just taking a picture of her. They have elastic all around them and even fit well over socks which is very unusual of some slippers and shoes you may find elsewhere.

I think your doll will enjoy wearing her zebra print pajama pants, t-shirt and, if you choose to buy them for her, fuzzy slippers and socks!

$14.00 top and pants

Select shirt color:
White Socks, $2.50:
White Fuzzy Slippers $5:

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