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Sleepwear Fits American Girl

Handmade Sleepwear for American Girl Doll

American Girl Personalized NightgownThe sleepwear section will include handmade pajamas and nightgowns for American Girl dolls or any 18 inch doll you may have. My clothes and Holly's are all tried onto and modeled by authentic American Girl dolls which typically are a little larger around than other 18 inch dolls so please keep this in mind. Some 18 inch dolls have vinyl bodies which could make the fit of these clothes just a touch loose but with doll sleepwear, that really doesn't matter anyway. Some of the 18 inch dolls that you may have that the sleepwear may fit would be Life of Faith, Gali Girls, Gotz or the new Madame Alexander 18 inch dolls. Again, I only have American Girl dolls but have made clothing for people who have generics and it fits just fine.

I have a good number of different colored slippers for sale on the various sleepwear pages that you can choose to purchase with your American Girl size nightgown or pajamas. If you don't see a particular color of slipper, just message me and I can either get it for you or see if I have it in stock.

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