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Contact Kitt's Kloset

Contact Information for Kitt's Kloset Doll Clothes

Address is: Kitt's Kloset Doll Clothes
c/o Tari Hann, owner & seamstress
11760 Yankeetown Chenoweth Rd
Mount Sterling OH 43143

There is no longer a toll free number for this website due to a few individuals or companies who chose to abuse it. I have no landline due to pretty much the same reason. Due to robo spammers, I will not put my cell phone number online.

A good way to get in touch is through my Kitt's Kloset Facebook page, simply click on the message button and write me a message.

If you experience issues ordering your doll clothes, there is an email address inside the shopping cart that you can use to reach me. Please provide a phone number in case I need to call you--when I have you on the phone I can just place the order for you while you are on the line. My shopping cart is mobile friendly now so there should be less issues if you're using a smart phone or iPad to order.