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Cute Witch Costume Fits American Girl-Handmade

Handmade witch costume for your American 18 inch girl doll

$40 complete set (doll not included)

American Girl Witch CostumeHere is a witch costume for your American Girl or other 18 inch doll, handmade by my mom. Your doll will be the cutest witch at the Halloween party in this complete outfit. Ivy can't wait for Julie to see her costume. They planned out their party outfit and Julie said she wanted to be the cat to Ivy's witch!

The dress is a really adorable black cat print on orange. It has long sleeves that are cut in points but they will not be raggedy since Mom used a fabric sealant on them. She used Velcro as the back closure and a piece of orange satin ribbon ties around the waist.

The cape is a lightweight but durable black fabric that is as long as the dress and ties with a black ribbon at the neck.

Not only do you get the witch dress and cape but the hat is part of the set too. It's a really nice hat and I'm impressed with how well it fits the doll's head. The texture is almost like a velveteen. There is no elastic on it but the way it gets set on the doll's head, it really doesn't need elastic to hold it on.

American Girl Witch BootsHere is a close-up of the black tights and boots you will receive with this outfit. The boots are a Sophia's product and I am very pleased with how they fit on the doll's foot over the tights. The style is subject to change since they never seem to have the same style in stock.

Add your own crafted trick or treat bag and your doll will be ready for the Halloween party or trick-or-treating. A great site to find craft ideas for your dolls is Doll Diaries or Karen Mom of Three's blog also has some great ideas for all sorts of fun homemade items for your dolls and you to play with.

$40 complete outfit

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