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Monkey Print Winter Pajamas Fits American Girl

Cute winter pajamas for your 18 inch doll in an adorable monkey print

$16.00 (slippers available separately)

American Girl Winter Pajamas-monkey cheer printMy American Girl doll Kayla is modeling my handmade winter pajamas for your American Girl or other 18 inch doll. Kayla loves cheerleading and monkeys, what a perfect combo in this print that has a light pink background.

The sleeves are gathered with elastic at the wrist and there is white knit fabric finishing off the neckline. Kayla's pajama top closes down the back with Velcro for ease in dressing your American Girl doll. Her pants have an elastic waist and you can purchase the light pink fuzzy slippers separately.

There are also bunny slippers or white fuzzy slippers available, plus other colors as well. Depending on which print you order, I probably have a slipper color that will match even if the slipper color is not listed.

I have quite a bit of this monkey cheer fabric plus lots of other flannel fabrics (including more types of monkeys) on hand to make you the perfect pair of American Girl winter pajamas! Order soon, I hear it's going to be a cold winter!


Select color:
Bunny slippers, $5:
Pink Fuzzy Slippers (as shown) $5:
White Fuzzy Slippers $5:

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