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Valentine Flannel Nightgown Fits American Girl

Handmade Valentine nightgown for American Girl 18 Inch Doll


American Girl Valentine NightgownHere is a handmade flannel Valentine nightgown for your American Girl or other 18 inch doll that Stacie is modeling. You can see the American Girl Valentine Pajamas are made from this very same fabric. Wouldn't it be fun to have both a nightgown and a pair of pajamas made from this flannel? And just like the pajamas, I can make this nightgown for you from the same print but it has turquoise hearts.

Stacie isn't quite sure whether the pajamas or this nightgown are her favorite. She loves how the nightgown closes a whole eight inches down the back, not just a little ways down like some other outfits she's tried on. This allows you to step your doll into the flannel Valentine nightgown with more ease and actually be able to put her arms into the sleeves without any problems. I don't skimp on Velcro when I think it's going to make someone's life easier by having a nice long strip of it down the back of an American Girl nightgown.

The sleeves are gathered with elastic at the wrists and the round yoke is trimmed with lace, as well as the hem being trimmed in lace. All seams are professionally serged for a sturdy product that will last a long time.

Stacie has on her favorite teddy bear slippers again in this picture but you can choose from bunny slippers, pink, or hot pink.


Select print:
Bunny slippers, $5:
Teddy bear slippers, $5:
Pink Fuzzy Slippers $5:
Hot Pink Fuzzy Slippers $5:

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