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Summer Pajamas for American Girl -Handmade

Handmade summer pajamas for your American Girl doll


American Girl Summer PajamasLissie is modeling a pair of my American Girl size summer pajamas. She loves the lightweight cotton shirt and the silky feel of the PJ pants.

These American Girl summer PJs feature a cotton knit sleeveless top that closes in back with hook and loop. The pants are made from various fabrics and have an elastic waist. These particular PJ pants are made from a silky fabric that has hearts and the word Princess all over on a pale pink background. You may not be able to tell the background is pink from the picture.

There are other prints I have including some different novelty prints and even monkeys on flannel. Your doll may not want to wear flannel in the summer but that's the only thing I can find that has a monkey design on it. I can even make these pajama pants in a Christmas print if you would like that. From doing craft shows, I've found that kids are not so much all about what fabric something is made from. As long as they like how it looks, then it's a hit.

Lissie is barefoot because it's supposed to be summer but you may decide your doll wants slippers if she wears these pajamas to a winter sleepover. I do have several different types of slippers available below.

If your doll likes this style of pajamas for winter, she may want a cozy fleece robe made by my friend Holly to wear with it.

I hope you're ready to order your doll some American Girl summer pajamas!


Select pants print:
Bunny slippers, $5:
Teddy bear slippers, $5:
Pink Fuzzy Slippers (slip-on style) $5:
White Fuzzy Slippers $5:
Lime Green Fuzzy Slippers $5:
Lavender Fuzzy Slippers $5:

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