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Personalized Bracelet fits American Girl

This personalized bracelet can be handmade just for your American girl doll


American Girl Personalized BraceletHolly has been making some of these adorable bracelets personalized just for your very own American Girl doll. You can choose Nellie as shown above or any of the other girls. Or you can specify your own doll's name too!

I am not sure how many if any of these that Holly might have made up but when you order, I know it won't take very long for them to get your order made just for you and mailed out to you. You will receive this item directly from Holly in New York.

NOTE: Don't panic when you see the shipping/handling. The cart is set up on a per item basis for normal size items going Priority Mail. I will lower the cost when running your charge or if you pay with PayPal, I will send you a partial shipping/handling refund.


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