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American Girl Size Traditional Party Dress-Handmade

Your American Girl doll is all ready for a party in this traditional cute dress and slip set


American Girl Party DressKit is here modeling Holly's handmade American Girl party dress. She was invited to a fancy tea party at Felicity's house so she wanted to look extra nice for it.

This cute American Girl party dress features short puff sleeves edged in white. There is also a white contrast at the hem where the slip peeks out ever so slightly.

Holly made this dress from a very cute lavender with pin dots print and it's possible she may not have this exact fabric anymore. She will try to find something as close as possible though. The dress will ship from Holly in New York.

You can also get your doll a pair of black dressy slip-on shoes and white tights if you check the boxes for them when you order your American Girl party dress below. Those will ship from me. Holly's Kit, the stand, Scenes and Settings backdrop, tights and shoes are not included.

$24.00 (dress)

Black slip-on dress shoes, $6:
White Tights $3:

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