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American Girl Size Handmade Lab Coat

Handmade lab coat for your American Girl can be personalized


American Girl Lab CoatHere is my handmade American Girl lab coat for your doll to wear over her regular clothes as you can see Emily is doing here. Or she can also wear it over a set of American Girl scrubs (coming soon!) Note: The outfit that Emily is wearing is not included--it's just one of my own AG collection outfits that the doll happened to be wearing when I took her picture. You will receive the lab coat only unless you order a stethoscope to go with it.

The lab coat is a shorter length, has a pocket on each side and as with all my handmade American Girl clothes, I have serged all the inside seams to give it a more professional and finished look. That also adds durability to the lab coat.

If you've ever known anyone who shows rabbits at fairs, the kids doing the showing all wear lab coats. Some of your favorite TV characters wear lab coats all the time. I can make the coat in whatever color you would need such as royal blue (you see the squints on Bones reruns wearing royal blue lab coats). Sometimes shop coats are that color as well. My favorite TV characters wearing lab coats are Abby and Ducky from NCIS. A friend of mine even had me embroider her daughter's doll's name on her lab coat.

You can order the doll lab coat as is or I can machine embroider your doll's name so she can have a personalized lab coat. The option to do this is $2.00 extra and you can choose it when ordering below. When you get to the shopping cart, you'll see a space for leaving a message. This is where you can type in the name that you would like on your American Girl lab coat.

American Girl StethoscopeAs a cute little accessory, you can also order a doll sized stethoscope as you see here. It comes with a clear thin elastic cord around the earpieces and it slips over your doll's head. Then you place the earpieces into her ears as shown. I thought these were absolutely adorable when I found them. Now your American Girl doll can pretend she's a doctor, nurse, veterinarian, physician assistant, nurse practioner, Abby on NCIS or your boy doll can be Ducky--or whatever you want them to be.

Doll scrubs to follow very soon! If I don't have them up as a product yet and you want them, simply let me know--email is in the footer of each page just take out the words at and dot. My handmade doll scrubs will be $16 for the set. A personalized lab coat and a set of scrubs for your American Girl doll would be a fun gift for your favorite girl or collector. It might even make a nice party favor!


To order: Choose white or royal blue from the pull-down. If you want to choose the color, pick Customer Choice and indicate the color in the shopping cart message space. If you want a name on the coat, check the box to charge the $2 and indicate the name in the shopping cart message area. If you want a stethoscope, check the box so the $6 is charged. When finished, click Buy Now.

Select lab coat color:
Personalization, $2.00:
Stethoscope, $5.00:

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