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Karate Uniform Fits American Girl

Handmade karate uniform for your American Girl doll

$16.00 includes one belt of your color choice

American Girl Karate Uniform-Karate Gi for American GirlHere is a handmade American Girl karate gi uniform that will also fit other 18 inch dolls. Ivy is on her way to karate class.

Lots of girls take karate so why not get her favorite doll a karate uniform. A fun idea would be to have a karate-themed birthday party and order this uniform for your party guests instead of giving out a lot of candy or other messy things that may even go to waste. You can't go wrong with an American Girl karate uniform!

The top has long sleeves and crosses over and the pants have an easy-to-slip-on elastic waist. You get one belt in your choice of color. I used grosgrain ribbon for the belt in this picture but sometimes that type of ribbon is not available in all colors so I will either make the belt from cotton or some other suitable fabric. The belt in the picture is a little bit too long and I probably cut some off before sending it off to the customer.

To order your American Girl karate uniform, select the gi color (white or black) then select your included belt color. Note: I do realize that pink is not an official karate color but I thought if some kids like karate but don't actually take karate lessons, maybe they would just like a cute pink belt for their doll's uniform. If you don't need any extra belts, scroll on down and click Add to Cart and you're good to go!

To order extra belts after you've selected gi and included belt color, type in the number (only numbers please-usually people just want one, 1) in the space by the belt color.Then click Add to Cart and check out. Any questions, just message me.

$16.00 includes one belt, your color choice, extras $1 each

Select Gi Color:

Select Included Belt Color:

Type in number of extra belts you want to purchase:
Black belt $1
Brown belt $1
Blue belt $1
Green belt $1
Orange belt $1
Yellow belt $1
White belt $1
Red belt $1
Purple belt $1
Pink belt $1

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