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American Girl Size Retro Jeans and Top Set

Handmade flare retro jeans set for your American Girl doll


American Girl Jeans SetThis handmade jeans set for your American Girl or other 18 inch doll is very cute and retro because they are flares just like what AG Julie would have worn in the 70s. Kit is all ready for a full day of playing outside with her friends. This particular top is a turtleneck style which closes down the back with hook and loop. The top is a white cotton knit but you can let me know if you want a print or another color. Kit's jeans have gold color topstitching like real ones but close down the back with hook and loop for a very smooth fit.

I am planning to add skinny jeans. I tried a Liberty Jane pattern that looks very nice and has lots of top stitching. What colors of skinny jeans would you like to see?

You could even add your own embellishments to these American Girl handmade jeans. The ones you get from the company have stitching on them but why not try some beading or even fabric paint on these? The sky's the limit but be sure to ask your Mom first before you get out the fabric paints and glue! Moms, why not order these simple jeans for your next birthday party so the girls will have fun decorating them? If you need more than 5 pairs of jeans, please be sure to give me at least 3 weeks' notice.

Kit and her shoes are not included but you can order socks and shoes along with this outfit. Socks are white and your shoe choice is either pink jogging type sneakers or white athletic type sneakers.

I like to use authentic American Girl dolls for my models to be sure that my clothes will fit any 18 inch dolls. Usually if it fits a real AG, it will fit any other type of 18 inch doll needing clothes. You will get a chance to meet my other girls as I add products! I hope you will want to order this jeans set for your American Girl doll soon! No affiliation between me and the doll company should be implied, I simply prefer their dolls as models and happen to collect these dolls as well.


Select shirt color:
White Socks, $2.50:
White Sneakers $6:
Pink Jog Style Sneakers $6:

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