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Hawaiian Style Dress Fits American Girl

Handmade Hawaiian style dress for American Girl dolls

$25 (dress, lei, barrette, sandals)

American Girl Hawaiian DressThis handmade Hawaiian style dress for your American Girl doll was made by my mom. My doll, Wen, is modeling it for you and she thinks your Nanea doll would love it too!

The lei and barrette were created by my daughter and they make a very nice finishing touch for this dress. The dress closes in back with Velcro, has a fully lined sleeveless bodice, long slim skirt with a ruffle at the bottom. I found this cute pink and blue flowered print but it only made four dresses. So if you like it you should get it now because I have not been able to find more of this print. What drew me to the print was that some of the flowers have a glittery center! NOTE: There is one set left in this print. I will be working on a different style Hawaiian dress to be modeled by my Nanea doll, the newest historical from the 40s.

You do get the pink flip flops as well. I like this style because it's very much like the ones that Jess comes with and that the big company offers for sale. They have clear elastic in back to hold them securely on your doll's foot.

The lei necklace and hair barrette which were made by my daughter are silk hibiscus flowers. She decorates the middle of the flower on the barrette with a drop of glitter!

Here is a closer picture of the flip flopsAmerican Girl Pink Flip Flops

If you're going on a tropical vacation or cruise, this American Girl Hawaiian style dress would be a real treat for your favorite doll that you may be taking with you.

$25.00 (includes dress, lei, barrette and flip flops)

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