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American Girl Size Flannel Pajamas

Handmade American Girl pajamas made from cozy flannel for cold winter nights


American Girl Flannel PajamasMy handmade American Girl flannel pajamas are cozy and perfect for those long cold winter nights. They're definitely Becky's favorite as you can tell by the happy look on her face. She also likes a flannel nightgown in the winter but for the extremely cold nights, Becky says you just can't beat snuggly flannel jammies!

The American Girl pajamas are long sleeve and have a shirttail hem with a serged finish. They close down the front with Velcro. There is lace trimming the neck edge and also the sleeve edge. These pajama pants have an elastic waist. All you need are American Girl flannel nightgownto match a set of PJs. For another fun style of flannel PJs, check out my winter pajamas for American Girl dolls (or other 18 inch dolls).

The pink slippers are not included but you can get your doll some slippers below. These American Girl flannel pajamas are made from a lavender and pink ballet shoe print but I have a wide variety of flannel prints just waiting to be used. I am thinking the ballet shoe print has sold out but your 18 inch doll pajamas can still be made from a large assortment of flannel I have even if you don't like the choices given.


Select color:
Bunny slippers, $5:
Teddy bear slippers, $5:
Pink Fuzzy Slippers (slip-on style) $5:
White Fuzzy Slippers $5:

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