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American Girl Size First Communion Outfit

Handmade First Communion dress set for your American Girl doll or other 18 inch doll

$40 (dress, veil, shoes, tights, necklace)

American Girl First Communion Dress setJess is modeling my handmade American Girl First Communion dress and veil set. She feels just like a princess in it and is very happy to show it off to you. The skirt is a full circle so she can twirl and spin while wearing it (with your help of course!)

This American Girl First Communion set features the dress which is made of satin with two layers of tulle for the overskirt. The skirt has a dainty rolled hem that flows very nicely. The dress features a sleeveless bodice with little gathered tulle caps sewn over the top of the sleeve opening.

I leave a very large opening down the back because the doll needs to be placed into the dress feet first and sometimes little girls are very anxious to put their AG dresses on their dolls and they get in a hurry. This ensures a good fit too as it comes up nicely over the doll's hips and closes smoothly in back with velcro all the way down so that your dolly's behind will not show.

A tip I found out from a doll collecting friend, something she does with her American Girl clothes: She buys a roll of Velcro and uses the soft side to cover up the hard side whenever she's changing her doll's clothes. That way, the hair and any other part of the outfit doesn't catch in it. That's just what I do when I work on this dress and sew on the velcro--I cover the hard side with pieces of soft sided velcro so that it doesn't catch the tulle. I thought this was a cool tip, thanks to my friend Kathy H!

The AG First Communion veil is a wreath of one dozen small white fabric roses which I weave into a flower crown with the tulle for the veil hand sewn onto the back of it. I then hand sew the veil onto the satin ribbon. The veil pictured is just resting lightly on Jess's head but I have started enclosing 2 doll-sized clips attached either attached to the wreath which you can remove and reposition or I have put them in with your accessories. Clips will vary according to what I can get but my favorite are the tiny claw clips. Colors will vary due to availability. I will try to stick with white, clear or very light but if you have a brunette or darker hair doll, even my black and tortoiseshell colors would work.

PLEASE NOTE: The flowers shown in the picture are different than those I use for this outfit. This is a picture of an outfit I made for my cousin's daughter back around 2007. I think you will be pleased with the roses I do use though.

If your little girl's favorite color is pink or lavender and you would like the crown made from pink or lavender silk rosebuds, you can select in the pull down menu from white, pink or lavender. I had a wonderful customer, aunt to twins, who requested this and now I have lots of pink and lavender rosebuds just waiting to be made into special hair wreathes for American Girl First Communion outfits.

I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and include shoes and tights with this set so you also receive a pair of white tights and slip-on white shoes that have a cute bow decorating the toe of the shoe. Accessorizing the set is a tiny cross necklace which is also included in the price.

Another customer requested lace gloves so I made a pattern from a pair of doll gloves that I had in my doll collection. I thought they turned out pretty nice. For $2 a pair, you can order them below.

A favorite accessory set that I have been offering is a mini Bible and mini one-decade rosary for $10 for the set. You can also order that from one of the check boxes below.

This American Girl First Communion dress set has been a great seller for me because most people realize just how special it is to have a nice memento of their little girl's First Holy Communion day. What better memento than a dress set for her best friend, her American Girl doll.

When you get to the shopping cart, there's a space for you to leave me a message Please let me know the date for the First Communion. That way, I can plan my work better and be sure that I get your American Girl First Communion outfit to you in a timely manner. Thanks!

$40.00 (dress, veil, tights, shoes, necklace)

Select flower wreath color:
Rosary/Bible Set $10.00:
White Lace Gloves, $2:

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