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Drop Waist Dress Fits American Girl

Handmade drop waist dress for your American Girl-perfect for Samantha or Rebecca

$16 dress only

American Girl Drop Waist DressThis handmade drop waist dress for American Girl or other 18 inch dolls makes me think of something Samantha, Nellie or Rebecca would wear. My mom made this dress from a dark purple with lavender floral print cotton. There is lace decorating the neck, it has long sleeves with a small cuff at the end of the sleeve and it closes down the back with Velcro. The drop waist is accented with a grosgrain ribbon.

American Girl Black Dress Shoes-SocksYou can purchase a pair of socks that can be pulled up longer as shown in the picture and I also offer for sale a pair of black slip-on dress shoes. The shoes are decorated with a bow on the toe. Both socks and shoes are products from Sophia's Heritage.

This dress is not intended to be historically accurate in any way but I am placing it under the Dress category as well as the Historical category because I do think it would look nice on a historical doll. Luna was just a bit more handy since she has been taking turns with a few of my other dolls to do the modeling right now.

$16.00 dress only

White socks, $2.50:
Black Dress Shoes $6:

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