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American Girl Size Colonial Gown

This American Girl colonial gown is handmade by Holly


American Girl Colonial GownThis beautiful gown was made by my friend Holly and Elizabeth looks very regal modeling it. The blue looks striking with her blue eyes. Elizabeth saw that her friend Felicity had a similar blue dress and she thought it would be fun to dress like her friend.

This stunning American Girl colonial gown is made from royal blue satin and features a lace layered petticoat which is separate. The elbow length sleeves a trimmed with a beautiful fancy trim and wide lace. You also get a handmade necklace, pinner cap and a matching purse for your favorite American girl doll.

This dress snaps in the front--snaps are Holly's closure of choice for historical outfits. It does help keep your doll's hair from snagging and is usually the method preferred by collectors. This dress is most definitely of collector quality and will last much longer than some of the other doll dresses available on the market. You will probably not find one as reasonably priced yet as well-made as this one.

Holly's doll Elizabeth is not included. If you missed out on beautiful Felicity or Elizabeth due to them being archived by American Girl, you can always find them on the secondary market. Holly can make this American Girl colonial dress in a different color if you prefer so please leave a message in the shopping cart if you want something other than blue.

$40.00 (4 pc outfit)

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