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American Girl Size Classic Pajamas

These classic style pajamas for American Girl size dolls are handmade by Holly


American Girl Classic PajamasMy friend Holly made this set of American Girl pajamas from some warm and cozy flannel fabric that is printed in a former pop star print. As you can see, Nellie is a big Hannah fan and she's just so happy to have a pair of these very cool PJs while she curls up on the sofa to watch her favorite show she streams online before she goes to bed. (Nellie has a crush on Oliver, don't tell her that I told you!) Since Hannah is no longer on the air, Nellie is very glad that her mom got her some of the DVDs and that they subscribe to an online streaming service. Sometimes Nellie will do extra chores or babysit her little brother and sister

PLEASE NOTE: This exact print is not available anymore but if you like going Hannah retro, I have some turquoise and lavender Hannah print that I can get to Holly if you order this set. Or you can choose another print. This was the only picture Holly had available so it is the one I needed to use to showcase her PJs.

These American Girl pajamas are the classic long sleeve button front style but for ease of younger children dressing their doll, the buttons are sewn on for decoration and the front closes with Velcro. The pants have an elastic waist and all the seams inside (as with all the clothes on this site) are professionally serged for years of lasting play.

If you have another print in mind or even have some fabric on hand that you would like Holly to use to make your American Girl doll some classic pajamas, I can put you in touch with her to discuss it.

Below I offer a selection of slippers you can get in addition to your pajamas. Holly makes an awesome fleece robe that is shown in red but I'm sure she would make it in another color for you.


Select color:
Bunny slippers, $5:
Teddy bear slippers, $5:
Pink Fuzzy Slippers (slip-on style) $5:
White Fuzzy Slippers $5:

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