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American Girl Brown Loafers

These brown loafers for your American Girl doll are made from a suede-like material


American Girl Brown LoafersCute brown loafers make a nice sturdy shoe for your American Girl doll to wear to school with her jeans and top.

Your Molly doll would probably love these loafers to go with her school jumper in case you never got the authentic loafers.

As with some of the authentic doll company shoes, I have found that these shoes fit better if socks are not put on the doll. Newer dolls, however, seem to have smaller feet than the older ones so it is possible you may be able to have your doll wear socks with these brown loafers.

If you are only ordering the loafers, the shipping/handling may seem excessive so I will adjust this before charging your card or issue a small PayPal refund.

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