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American Girl Backpack-Paisley

This backpack for your American Girl in a paisley print looks like the designer backpacks.


American Girl Paisley BackpackHere is a backpack for your American Girl doll. It's a cool red paisley design and looks a lot like a famous type of bag that everyone likes to carry.

The doll backpack measures 3 inches not including the little hanging loop. It has 2 straps for your doll to put it up on her shoulder. The zipper really works and there is enough space inside for your doll to store a doll-sized bottle of water and her doll size school books. Or if she has a wallet, you could keep it in here as well.

Just click on the Buy Now button to add this cute 18 inch doll size backpack to your shopping cart. If it's the only item you are ordering, the shipping/handling may seem excessive so don't worry, I will adjust it before charging your card or I will issue you a small PayPal refund.


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