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About Kitt's Kloset

Company Information about Kitt's Kloset

Kitt's Kloset was started in 2006 after I got into collecting American Girl dolls. They are so much fun to collect and sew for. Since I had already spent a lot of years making Barbie clothes, I wanted to add American Girl clothes to my sewing projects.

My mom had made American Girl clothes when we did craft shows together in the late 80s and the 90s so she offered her talents to help fill the site. She's always helping me do something, from cutting to the actual outfit sewing. It would be so much fun if she lived closer!

Holly Linehan is another seamstress whose work you will see on the website. You can generally tell if it's Holly's item because for one thing, I tell you that it is. But all the outfits that have dolls posing in front of a cute backdrop are Holly's creations. She has been sewing for close to 30 years and is the talented eBay ID "newyorkdolldesigns" who specializes in historical outfits. Since I sew for dolls, my own dolls don't benefit from my sewing so I've bought several items from Holly and I absolutely love her work so I'm proud to feature her here. Holly's American Girl clothes will ship from her home in New York. Items she makes are clearly marked in the description.

Kathy Johnson is the fourth seamstress and another online friend who lives in Iowa now. She does craft shows where she lives but she sent me a nice selection of her creations to sell at Kitt's. Kathy makes beautiful, delicate old-fashioned American Girl undergarments and I also have a couple of long Christmas dresses to put on the site for her. She has decided to try modern outfits for the craft shows she does so that's why I offered to help her sell some her other items. You'll love her workmanship, her items are beautiful! Kathy's items will ship from me since she has mailed to me already.

Thank you for shopping Kitt's Kloset for handmade 18 inch doll clothes!